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Scheme of DifRob VC (actual state of the art). This diffractometer has more grade of freedom in movements respect the traditional ones and the centre of the goniometer is not mechanically binded to it (virtual center diffractometer), and adaptable to industrial components and manufactures. The limit is that to collect datas has to approach to the object investigated till 5mm. This kind of limit, is in a certain way like a “myopia” of the system that oblige it to a longer focusing respect the bite of the arch.

WO03/0604 98°1 and successive nationalisation (e.g. IT 0013385588, US7,260178.


Scheme of the new technology, the DifRob variable virtual center (DifRob VVC). New innovative and inventive state given in USA and in registration phase. The orientation variability, controlled by a computer, and the presence of optical devices, x ray lenses, permits to maintain the reflection conditions unchanged and independent from the focusing positions (i.e. virtual variable centre).

WO2006/082187 and successive nationalisations (e.g. IT .0001362652, US7,483,521 B2)

New development

Scheme of a new technology for non destructive controls on site, without contact. It is based on robot set on a controlled path and able to install devices for the irradiation and the detection of any nature and power. The variable center (26) of the path (24) that represent the virtual goniometer, the device of the investigated area selection and pointing system (22).

This technology has been studied potentially for on site neutrons.

WO 2006/136542 and successive natiobalisations (e.g. IT 0001362296, RU 102082)