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XRD-Tools s.r.l. was registered in April 2004 as academic spin off of the Pisa University, following the research results for the “On-site X-Ray Diffraction” applications.

XRD-Tools s.r.l. gained experiences in XRD measurements, materials analysis and early stage diagnosis via advanced XRD technologies.

Founded by Giovanni Berti, researcher and professor at the PisaUniversity, chief of the European group CEN/TC138/WG10, the team includes Francesco De Marco co-researcher since ten years, and Silvano Aldrighetti, expert on mechanical and electrical precision components application for XRD, entered since 2007.

Giovanni Berti and XRD-Tools have a registered Trade Mark and three keys patents covering the main advances of XRD technologies and correlated methods. A large geographic I.P. coverage of related technology is also available. Significant awards are:

-          Fondo Rotativo CCIA in November 2003 – Pisa spin off proposal

-          Amerigo Vespucci Award in November 2008 – Florence – invention sector

-          Start up Award in April 2009 – Milan – company project

-          Gianfranco Merli Award December 2009 – Rome – new methods of lattices measurements invention.

XRD-Tools is, either directly or as the subcontractor of the Pisa University, partnering in various Regional National and European projects:

-         NanoXCT 2011-1014 – E.U. FP7-NMP-2011-SME-5

-          Qualification of sanitisation panels

-          TEMART 2009 – 2012 POR CReO/FESR 2007-2013, Asse 1, Attività 1.1, Linea d

-          DifRob® proof of concept 2006 – 2009

-          “Brocchette del Museo Argenti” 2004-2006

-          Implementation of mobile diffractometer ISPESL 42/98

-          UNI partner 2007

The XRD-Tools technologies are implemented into the robotic function of DifRob®, where versatility and adaptability to the objects under test or to the sample under analysis, allow to operate as close as  5 mm from the object.

XRD-Tools performs in the frame of Non Destructive Testing methods on components and complete assys in labs or on site, having any dimensions, weight and shape, which might be difficult to reach, even if in operating conditions.

The development of new remote sensing measurements procedures are in progress.

The ability to perform Non Destructive and Non Invasive testing on materials, offers an early stage diagnosis of material wear, very important in high tech fields (aeronautics, for example).

The XRD-Tools experience cover different fields of applications, like Mechanical, Plants, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Precious Material, Biomedical, Geological, Rocks and Stones, Cultural Heritage.